Pizza Frenzy

Pizza Frenzy

Pizza Frenzy is a game in which you have to deliver pizzas to your neighbors
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Pizza Frenzy is a fantastic game in which you are in charge of the Stromboli Family's pizza delivery business and have to deliver pizzas to your neighbors efficiently. The game includes 3 different modes: Speed, Memory, and Simon says. The three of them offers a different game play, although you're essentially doing the same thing: picking orders and dropping them on the corresponding restaurant. It features excellent graphics and a cool music, which make this game really enjoyable. To win this game you will have to think fast, have good reflexes, and use you mouse really quickly. The more quickly to execute the orders you are, the more tips you get and the more thing you can do. When you get a considerable amount of money, you can purchase new toppings and move on to bigger city. Also, if you accept many consecutive deliveries of the same kind of pizza you will get a "Pizza Frenzy", which means extra money. If you miss orders or have slow deliveries, your customers will be unsatisfied and you may lose the game. Although it is not really challenging, this game may entertain the whole family, specially the little ones. It supports Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and allows you to play for 60 minutes.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Great graphics and music. Original. Many levels with 12 exotic locations


  • Not really challenging
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